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60min / $90        90min / $120

Relax & Refresh Massage
I’m on vacation.  Relax and Forget.  A gentle massage just because you deserve it.
Any time of the day is perfect.

■ Swedish Massage
The traditional European Massage to increase circulation, while finding and releasing tension and stress through out the body.  Personalize pressure for perfection.

■ Sports Massage
You deserve it! Training.  Pre or Post Event.  Treatment Work.

■ Deep Tissue
No pain, No gain.  Releasing all mental blockages held in the body with deep compressions, increasing circulation allowing all toxins and emotions to be released.  A great body cleans.

■ Shiatsu
World famous Japanese non-oil compression massage.  Specific pressure points are stimulated to align and allow energy flow.  Century’s proven.

■ Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi
The traditional Hawaiian healing massage handed down through respected Kumu’s.  Everything flows to the heart, using long fluent hand and forearm strokes simulating the ocean tides.

■ Reflexology
Add or Extend to any massage.

  • Use excellent quality organic aroma massage oil.
  • Use client’s hotel beds for massage.
    (massage table is also available).

  • Exclusive sheets are provided, so that your bed do not get oily.

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